trim dog nails

Trim Dog Nails

How To Trim Dog Nails Do you have the vet trim your dachshund’s nails when you take them into checkups?Or do you have a dog ...

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can dachshunds eat bananas

Can Dachshunds Eat Bananas

Can dachshunds eat bananas? Most dachshunds go wild after seeing you sitting on the dining table, with bananas as a side dish. At that point, ...

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dachshund burrow under blanket

Why Do Dachshunds Burrow Under Blankets

Why Do Dachshunds Burrow Under Blankets?Why do Dachshunds burrow under blankets?A Dachshund loves to burrow because it gives them a sense of comfort and security.Many ...

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dog food allergy symptoms

Dog Food Allergy Symptoms

What Are Dog Food Allergy Symptoms?Some dogs have food allergies, but most of the time it is a food intolerance issue. True dog food allergies are ...

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long haired miniature dachshund

Long Haired Miniature Dachshund

Long Haired Miniаturе Dachshund History Long haired Miniature Dachshund mirrors their larger standard relatives.  Dachshunds can be traced back to Germаny fоr manу years, back ...

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dachshund long ears

Why Do Dachshunds Have Long Ears

You may have wondered why do dachshunds have long ears?There are different types of Dachshunds and all of them are adorable.Dachshunds are often referred to ...

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health issues in dachshunds

Health Issues In Dachshunds

There are certain health issues in dachshunds that you need to be aware of if you plan on owning or adopting a dachshund.Since all dog ...

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